Diesel Fuel Testing

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Clean diesel in your boat should be free of contaminants such as suspended particles, microbial growth and water. Water is the worse of all as it is usually the cause of the two first ones. Water causes damage to fuel tanks, fuel system components and engine. One way or another, especially on boats sitting on the water, the water will find its way in your boat's tank either by refueling with water contaminated fuel, condensation, leakage, ingress from atmosphere (humidity) and sometimes human error. While there is NO WAY to prevent water entering your fuel tank, we have many solutions to stop the damage and keep your marine engine in good condition.


diesel microbial contamination


 diesel polishing

Since each boat is different and the level/type of fuel contamination will vary, the cleaning procedure is set on a case by case scenario. We will start by taking a sample out of your tank(s) and analyze it for water content, particulate and microbial contamination and then we will provide a quote based on the analysis of your fuel and boat setup. To get your fuel and tank tested click the "Book Appointment" button and select the "Diesel tank and fuel testing" service. The price varies with the distance from our workshop in Cromer - up to 15 km, 16-30 km, 31-50 km - so please choose accordingly. The service will be provided by our Sydney main agent Mobile Marine Service so the booking will be redirected to their online booking system.


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IMPORTANT: We recommend that after every diesel tank cleaning/diesel fuel polishing procedure you replace primary and secondary filters on your boat to ensure a 100% clean fuel system.

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