Diesel Tank Cleaning

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Based on the level and type of tank contamination we will provide the right solution for cleaning. Diesel fuel tanks for boats are manufactured from many types of materials including: stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, cooper, fiberglass, etc. and require different methods of cleaning depending on the type of contamination and tank material. In most cases for light to moderate contamination a complete tank cleaning procedure is finished the same day (depending on the size and number of tanks). We also provide diesel fuel tank customization and installation of new fuel pick-ups, fuel senders, extra filtration, water drains etc.

diesel tank cleaning

After taking samples of your fuel and inspecting the inside of your tank we will provide you with a cleaning solutions suitable for the situation. From simple fuel polishing for light to moderate contamination to 7 stage tank cleaning and fuel filtration, we have the right solution.

STAGE 1: Ultrasonic, Chemwash or Vacupower dislocation of sludge from the bottom and walls of the tank. (Good access to all baffled sections needed for best results).

STAGE 2: Sludge separation and cyclone filtration 25 micron.

STAGE 3: Centrifugal free water separation (water accumulated at the bottom of the tank usually has an acid PH of around 5.5 that will increase the corrosion rate of metal tanks).

STAGE 4: 10 micron particulate filtration.

STAGE 5: Emulsified water separation 10 micron (fuels can contain up to 15% water in emulsified state).

STAGE 6: Ultra-fine 5 micron (optional 2, 1 and 0.5 micron for common rail engines) particulate filtration.

STAGE 7: UV with proprietary wave length modulation and ultrasonic cell disruption exposure for effective kill of 100% microbial contamination.


IMPORTANT: We recommend that after every diesel tank cleaning/diesel fuel polishing procedure you replace primary and secondary filters on your boat to ensure a 100% clean fuel system.

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