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2009 – 2020 a journey of innovation


It started in Spain, in 2009, when Clean Diesel founder, Rares Badrea, first encountered ‘DIESEL BUG’. Little was known, at that time, about this new type of contamination. Rares, a keen problem solver, researched to find technical solutions and then design special equipment. Realising his unique diesel tank and fuel cleaning solutions were urgently needed by both industry and individuals, who risked being stopped in their tracks by Diesel Bug, he founded Clean Diesel and started manufacturing the intelligent filtration equipment and tank accessories that are now available for purchase or lease.

With the increase in use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and the associated problems of increased DIESEL BUG, the need that was identified had found, for once, a real solution. Since the microbial contamination is actually an infestation, it can not be simply removed like rust by filters or other conventional methods. By its very nature is alive and unlike common beleif, not only resides in the fuel and on the bottom of the tank but also on the walls of the tanks. If is not eradicated completely it will come back again and again. No other filtration technology can solve the DIESEL BUG microbial contamination problem without the use of biocides or harmful chemicals.

Also unlike common belief, removal of the water from the bottom of the tanks doesn’t stop completely the microbial growth. There is still the water from condensation on the walls and in disolved state inside the diesel fuel itself and it is expressed in relative humidity or %RH. Some diesel bug can stay active and in standby mode just by feeding on that little water until more becomes available by condensation for example. Only our patented D.E.B.U.G. technology is capable of killing 100% of microbial contamination from fuel and the tanks without the use of biocides or any harmful chemicals.

For the actual cleaning process of the diesel fuel, in addition to our patented innovative F.A.C.T. (Filtration Algorithm Cleaing Technology), Clean Diesel manufactures right here in Australia easy to install diesel tank access hatches and ports to help the manual cleaning process. New technologies and cleaning systems combining different filters and treatments were invented to ensure user friendly fuel tank maintenance and a trouble free fuel system.

Clean Diesel works on the following principles:

– Responding with innovative solutions to identified problems

– Combining technologies for maximum effectiveness

– Using premium products and providing a lifetime guarantee


Confidential testimony from data centre client (25th Feb 2020). We have posted this testimonial as confidential for easy to understand reasons in terms of business partners disclosure:

…in addition, the iCleanED100 machine has been operating successfully since 7th January (we had a service on the machine on 6th January 2020). She has processed 15 fuel storage tanks (17.000 liters each – over 250.000 liters in total ) during that time with no failures.”

Facilities Coordinator


“I can absolutely recommend this solution from Clean Diesel. After my engine failure experience, if I were to purchase another boat, sail or power, the first thing I would do is check it had tank access and if it did not I would fit Clean Diesel Tank Access Ports.”

Cameron Berg


“The service and expertise offered to us by Clean Diesel was something we had not experienced in the marine industry before. They were not like other marine tradesmen who rob you blind and provide second class workmanship, Clean Diesel were there to solve your problem at a realistic price. They only used high quality components in delivering a long term solution to a issue that had obviously been ongoing for some time.”

Luke Higgins SV Luna Azul