Cleaner fuel > Lower emissions > Better environment


Looking to have near zero emissions policy or lower the operational costs? Clean Diesel technology can be used anywhere where diesel engines operates or where diesel fuel is stored. If you operate machinery or plant equipped with diesel engines you need Clean Diesel. Below are just a few examples of possible applications.

Power generation/Data centres

Diesel powered short and long-term efficient and cost-effective temporary power solutions across a wide range of industries mandates highest level of preventive maintenance to eliminate unexpected breakdowns and ensure optimum performance.

Public transport

Public transport is very important to keep modern society going. Lots of people rely on it to travel, go to work or for day-to-day activities. Especially in urban areas each minute of delay has an immediate effect on the life of dozens or hundreds of people. The image of public transport gets seriously affected when busses don’t show up on time.


The diesel engines used within today’s Military systems must maintain peek performance whilst burning fuel at economic levels. The latest common rail injection systems and exhaust gas recirculation and purification technologies have certainly assisted in these advancements. Due to these extreme levels of performance, the diesel fuels required to run these engines must be of the same premium quality.


Harsh conditions cause high contamination in equipment fuel tanks. Due to inefficient filtration, the fuel in these tanks is highly contaminated with dirt. Inevitably this has an effect on the machinery potentially causing serious damage to the engine and plugging engine filters prematurely.

Mission critical/Hospitals

Mission critical diesel engines such as power generators in hospitals, need to operate at a moment’s notice and, in some applications, can literally be the difference between life and death. As such, the fuel being stored for use must be maintained in a pristine condition and as close to an “as refined” condition as possible to ensure ultimate reliability.


Construction machinery is built to withstand the harshest of conditions. To avoid downtime, these machines should be maintained in the best way possible. Extreme and harsh working conditions ask for extreme performance of your equipment. Preventive measurements need to be taken to minimize downtime and save on operating costs.