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Clean Diesel specialise in advanced diesel fuel filtration equipment and services guaranteed to reduce all of your fuel related maintenance and repair costs. More so we are doing it with the minimum impact to the environment by using cutting edge proprietary technologies that remove water, rust, impurities and microbial contamination from your diesel fuel and tanks without the use of additives or harsh chemicals such as biocides.

Diesel fuel filtration services

Diesel tank and fuel cleaning  – If your tank is dirty and your fuel is old this is the solution for you. We will make an initial assessment of the tank and fuel quality to determine what is the best option to get you going in the shortest and most cost effective way.

Fuel maintenance programs – A proactive service of keeping the tank and diesel fuel clean by regularly cleaning the tanks at 3-6 months intervals with a iCleanED mobile or stationary unit. The service is offered on a fixed term contract basis.

Clean Diesel filtration machines

All iCleanED machines come standard with the following cutting edge technologies:

F.A.C.T. – Filtration Algorithm Cleaning Technology – The only technology capable of measuring in real time the absolute level of contamination in a diesel tank, self-sample, process, treat and repeat as required until the desired ISO Level of fuel cleanliness is achieved

D.E.B.U.G. – Decontamination Effect By Ultraviolet/Gas – Patented proprietary wavelength modulation of UV light that keeps the fuel stable whilst killing 100% of microbial contamination without biocides or harmful chemicals.

B.I.O.M. – Built In Operator Manual –  All iCleanED machines have a build in operator manual that accelerates the training process. The training in operating the machine to expert level would take at most hours including all safety inductions whilst achieving expert level for a fuel technician would take years.

S.A.F.E. – Safety Acknowledgement For Employees – All iCleanED machines have a an initial safety measures checklist that in combination with built in sensors and critical alarms highly reduces risks of personnel injuries or fuel spillages.

iCleanED is the only technology that removes water, sediment and microbial growth without the use of additives or harsh chemicals such as biocides and keeps the fuel compliant with ISO 4406:2017 and AS3570 standards of fuel quality.

Main features:

– Powerful yet compact in design. Flow rates from 10 to 120 LPM

– Extremely safe to operate with built in safety features that prevent leakages, machine damage and injuries.

– User friendly with intuitive touch screen control featuring built in user manual. Training takes minutes.

– Versatile with electric (single and three phase) and pneumatic pumps.

Other optional features include but are not limited to: SMS alarm system, Remote control and diagnostics, Fuel analytics and integration with building management systems, cloud or other IoT platforms.

Available options:

iCleanED Hire

  • Flexible short, medium and long term hire options
  • Available for hire Australia wide
  • Technical support provided

iCleanED Lease

  • Fixed term lease contract with new equipment replaced every year
  • Fixed term lease contract with renewal options at the end of lease.
  • Fixed term lease contract with purchase options at the end of lease.

iCleanED Purchase

  • New and ex-service units available for purchase
  • Extended warranty available
  • Ongoing product support available